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Culver Street Department

The Culver Street Department maintains the streets, alleys and storm drains to provide for safe and orderly travel within the city right-of-way for Culver pedestrians and vehicular traffic. We strive to provide the community with the best service available, within both budgetary and environmental limitations. The department workers also fix water and sewer line breaks.

The following services are provided seasonally

  • Brush pickup is the third week of each month. Brush should be placed on the owner's property next to the curb. Tree trunks will not be taken, nor will trees professionally removed.
  • Street sweeping occurs in the warm months as a means of keeping debris from clogging the storm sewers.
  • Leaf pickup occurs in the fall while leaves are falling from the trees. No specific dates are set for leaf removal, but it will begin when a large quantity of leaves start to fall and will continue until the majority of leaves are picked up or snow interferes. Leaf pickup starts at one end of town and moves from one end to the other and back again.
  • Snow removal occurs in the winter. A snow route is enforced for parking on main roads. Snow is cleared from the main thoroughfares first and then through streets. Alleys are plowed last.

For problems, contact Town Hall at 842-3140.

Last Updated: May 5, 2017 2:31 PM