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Historical Culver Photographs

Excerpts taken from "History of Marshall County, IN Sesquicentennial 1836 - 1986" by Daniel Lamont McDonald.

The Pottawatomie Indians recognized the area's beauty early, inhabiting the lakeshore until their forcible removal from Marshall County to Kansas in 1838.

Listed on an 1843 map as Geneva, the village settlement now known as Culver was known for a short time as Yellow River Post Office. In 1844 it became Union Town, adopting the name from Union Township in which the village was located. In 1851 a re-survey of the platted village was made and the town's name was changed to Marmont, honoring a French general of that name. It was known as Marmont for the next 42 years and became incorporated under that name in 1894.

In 1895 it was proposed to change the name of the town to Culver City to honor Henry H. Culver, founder of the academy. However, the post office department in Washington declined the name change on the grounds that Indiana already had a Culver City located in Tippecanoe County and further that the word "City" had been eliminated from all towns bearing that annex. Undaunted, Mr. Culver went to the Tippecanoe County town of Culver, and discovering that the town had been named after a Crane Culver, negotiated with the town officials. Proposing to pay all expenses for changing the town name to Crane, he prevailed and Marmont legally became the Town of Culver. It wasn't until 1949 that the legal name was changed to just Culver.

Photos provided by the Culver Union Township Public Library: http://www.culver.lib.in.us/culver_photos_latest.htm

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