The Culver Plan Commission meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Culver Town Hall at 6:30 p.m. The Planning Commission makes decisions regarding new building and renovations to existing structures in the town of Culver and a 2 mile surrounding area.

Building Commissioner: Chuck DeWitt, building commissioner for the Town of Culver jurisdiction.

Phone: 574.842.3140



The Planning Commission is made up of 9 members. The Town Council President appoints four members. Town council appoints three members. County Commissioners appoint two jurisdictional members. Must be politically balanced.

President: Barry McManaway (R)
Vice President: Pete Peterson (Employee)
Secretary: Don Fox (D)
Wayne Bean (Employee)
Joel Samuelson (L)
Chester Gut (R)
Andrew Strati (D)
Dan Osborne (R)


Culver Zoning Ordinance:  Current 11 19 20 Culver-Zoning-Ordinance-Binder-10072019-Compact


Culver Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan:  Culver Bike Ped MP

Complete Streets Policy:  Resolution 2018-007 Culver Complete Streets Policy

The Culver Town Council approved changes to our current zoning ordinance that will take effect on February 1, 2018, including the requirement of building permits for roof replacements and solar energy systems.  The new ordinance is available here:  2017-008 Culver Final Zoning Ordinance, and permit fees are available here:  2017-008 Zoning Ordinance Fees.

An interactive zoning map for all of Marshall County, including Culver and the Culver Planning Commission’s 2 Mile Extra Territorial Jurisdiction can be viewed here:

Note:  Select Marshall County, Indiana on the drop down menu, and make sure to select “zoning” under map layers to see zoning information.

2 Mile Zoning Jurisdiction


Town of Culver Zoning