The Culver Plan Commission meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Culver Town Hall at 6:30 p.m. The Planning Commission makes decisions regarding new building and renovations to existing structures in the town of Culver and a 2 mile surrounding area.

Recordings of recent Plan Commission meetings may be viewed on the Town’s YouTube Channel. Minutes may be viewed by contacting Town Hall.

Building Commissioner: Please direct questions to Town Manager Ginny Munroe

Phone: 574.842.3140



The Planning Commission is made up of 9 members. The Town Council President appoints four members. Town council appoints three members. County Commissioners appoint two jurisdictional members. Must be politically balanced.

President: Barry McManaway (R)
Vice President: Pete Peterson (Employee)
Secretary: Don Fox (D)
Wayne Bean (Employee)
Robert Cooper, III (Employee)
John Miller (Employee)
Joel Samuelson (L)
Chester Gut (R)
Andrew Strati (D)
Dan Osborne (R)

Plan Commission Hearing Application/Meeting Dates

Culver Zoning Ordinance

Culver Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Complete Streets Policy

An interactive zoning map for all of Marshall County, including Culver and the Culver Planning Commission’s 2 Mile Extra Territorial Jurisdiction can be viewed here:

Note:  Select Marshall County, Indiana on the drop down menu, and make sure to select “zoning” under map layers to see zoning information.

2 Mile Zoning Jurisdiction


Town of Culver Zoning