The commission is made up of five members appointed by the Culver Town Council. Three members are appointed by the town council president, and two members are appointed by the council body. The Culver Redevelopment Commission promotes new industrial and commercial growth within the Town of Culver. In addition, it creates funding for new growth and expansion of utilities.

The commission meets on the third Monday of each month at 5 p.m., or as needed, to discuss economic development issues. For a topic to be added to the meeting agenda, all information must be provided to the President no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Thursday prior to a regularly scheduled commission meeting, except for facade grant applications, which are due the Monday prior to the meeting at 4:00 p.m. (second Monday of the month).  Members are appointed as follows:  three from Town Council President and two from Town Council, one year term and one member appointed from Town Council President from the School Board as a non-voting member, two year term.

Members include:

Marty Oosterbaan, president
Sally Ricciardi, vice-president
Sara Jones, secretary
Erika James
Lily Arzola
Karen Shuman, Culver Community Schools representative

Redevelopment Commission Minutes
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Instruction on applying for a facade grant through the redevelopment commission, and the facade grant application, can be found under the Economic Development documents category or by contacting Sally Ricciardi at  Additional information for new and existing business, including a resource directory, are located in the same category.

For information on economic development in Marshall County, visit  For questions concerning the redevelopment commission, contact Ginny Munroe, town manager, at 574.842.3140.

Our 2019 Presentation for Overlapping Tax Districts is available here: Culver RDC TIF Presentation 061319.  An overview of TIF funding impacts on overlapping districts in Indiana is available here:  AIM-presentation TIF financing.

Recordings of recent Redevelopment Commission meetings can be found on the Town’s YouTube Channel. Minutes may be viewed by contacting Town Hall.