Culver Fire Fundraiser Information

As of December 2019, the fire department has raised over $186,000 of the department’s original goal of $200,000 from individuals and organizations.  Check out these FAQs for more information:  Fire Department Aerial Truck Fundraiser FAQs.

Culver and Union Township Fire Department (C.U.T.F.D.) was established in 1903, and currently serves all the residents of Culver, and Union Township. We also serve the surrounding area’s, in the event mutual aid is needed. CUTFD currently has (2) Engine/Pumpers, (1) 3,000 Gallon Pumper/Tanker, (1) Resuce Squad, (2) Grass Rigs, and (2) Fire Boats (Pontoon Pumper, and portable rescue John Boat. Culver Fire currently has 18 Members (all volunteers), ranging in age from 18, to “Seventy something”, and the seniority list goes from month’s, to 42 years. Culver Fire is well equipped with some of the “latest and greatest” equipment, and is manned with the same.

Current Officers include:

Chief Ken VanDePutte
Asst Chief Pete Peterson
Secretary/Treasurer Dave Cooper
Captain Walt Hanselman
Training Officer Robert Cooper, III
Safety Officer Open

Aerial Platform Fire Truck Fundraising Effort

The Culver Union Township Fired Department is raising awareness in the community regarding the need for an aerial platform firefighting truck in our area. The nearest truck of this type is in Plymouth, and would have a 25-35-minute response time to fires in the Culver and Union Township area. The fire department currently does not have a truck capable of providing rescue for any structures above 25 feet. Any three story or higher buildings we cannot provide safe rescue from. For example, if a fire starts on the lower level of three or four-story building, and residents are trapped on the upper levels, we currently have no reliable way of reaching them. Aerial trucks also have the advantage of giving firefighters the ability to fight structure fires from above, pumping water down towards the fire from a safer location. This is generally a safer, more effective means of fighting large fires, as compared to having firefighters on the roofs of burning buildings, or fighting the fire from the ground level.

The fire department has looked at several aerial trucks so far ranging in cost from $1.2 million to $850,000. The fire department has targeted a budget of $1,000,000, with an approximate reach of 80-100 feet. This truck would also replace our 1993 pumper truck.

We are open to funding agreements running anywhere from one year to five years, and charitable contributions to governmental units such as the Culver Union Township Fire Department are tax-deductible under section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code so long as the donations are for a public purpose. Thank you for your time and consideration.