Ginny Munroe is the Town Manager. Prior to taking on this role, Ginny served on the Culver Town Council for 14 years, including 10 years as president. She has worked as a Community Development Manager and a business owner (Deadline Driven Publishing and GG’s Kiln). Ginny is also certified as a grant administrator for the Office of Community and Rural Affairs, and she has worked on several grants for Culver and Marshall County.

Ginny is passionate about Culver and believes that the work the Town has done to attract families, retirees, visitors, and workforce to Culver has had a positive effect on Culver. She thinks that the quality-of-life projects, infrastructure projects, and utility work the town has completed in recent years position Culver for healthy growth and new opportunities. Ginny plans to build on the momentum of previous Comprehensive Planning and on the Stellar Communities designation the town received in 2017 to continue moving the town forward. Ginny promotes public engagement as a means to do planning and she encourages those she works with to continually seek public input.

Ginny believes that Culver’s greatest strength is its human capital: “I wanted to take on this new role because I think the team of people taking care of the town is passionate about their work and they do such an excellent job that Culver has been able to achieve Stellar Communities designation, numerous grants, and a level of productivity that is highly unusual in a rural community. Whether it’s this incredible team of employees, the leadership of our Town Council, or our very engaged public, I’m confident in the future of Culver because our greatest strength is human capital. Culver has that in spades and it’s why we are such a special place to live.”

The town manager and utility superintendent are responsible for the town’s Title VI Plan and ADA Transition Plan, which govern the town’s approach to accessibility and non-discrimination efforts.  The latest updates on the town’s Title VI, ADA, and Complete Streets plans are available here:  Title VI, ADA, and Complete Streets Annual Update 2020

Ginny can be reached at Town Hall via phone 574.842.3140 of via email

Check out the links below for a quick summary of what we’ve been working on in 2017 and 2018.

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