Jonathan Leist is the Town Manager for the Town of Culver, and he works on a daily basis under the direction of the Town Council.  He can be reached via email, or phone, 574.842.3140.

Jonathan joined the Town of Culver in 2015, after working for Huntington County for the previous 12 years.

The town manager and utility superintendent are responsible for the town’s Title VI Plan and ADA Transition Plan, which govern the town’s approach to accessibility and non-discrimination efforts.  The latest updates on the town’s Title VI, ADA, and Complete Streets plans are available here:  Title VI, ADA, and Complete Streets Annual Update 2020


The Town of Culver has been participating in the Marshall County Broadband Planning Committee, paid for through a grant from OCRA.  Check out the final report here:  Marshall County Broadband Planning Study.

Check out the links below for a quick summary of what we’ve been working on in 2017 and 2018.

Town of Culver_Highlights from 2017

Town of Culver_Highlights from 2018

Town of Culver_Highlights from 2020